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What is the Alumni Program at Ivory Plains?

The alumni group is a free aftercare program offered to all clients who complete our programs. The purpose of the alumni group is to help maintain the fellowship they gain whilst in treatment.

In treatment, we have an extensive amount of accountability tied around us. When graduating and learning to navigate the world sober, it can, at times, feel overwhelming. The alumni support group is here to offer you a safe place to come back to and maintain fellowship and accountability.

How do I become an Alumni at Ivory Plains?

Once you have completed one of our treatment programs you are an alumnus of Ivory Plains Recovery Center!  

What does Ivory Plains' Alumni Program offer?

Ivory Plains Alumni Program Offering:

  • Events and outings
  • Weekly meetings to stay connected (On Zoom and in person)
  • CaredFor App access to all alumni
  • Check-ins and support

Ivory Plains Alumni Program | Events and Outings:

  • It’s important to have fun in recovery!
  • Events such as bowling, bingo, trivia nights, and more!

Ivory Plains Alumni Program | Weekly meetings:

  • Weekly check-in meetings with the other alumni of Ivory Plains Recovery
  • Alumni speakers
  • Have the opportunity to share your experience.

Ivory Plains Alumni Program | CaredFor app:

  • Post about your recovery and life!
  • HIPAA-compliant app
  • Virtual community for the alumni of Ivory Plains Recovery Center. 
  • Talk to staff members.
  • Track your sobriety.
  • And so much more!

Ivory Plains Alumni Program  | Check-ins and support:

  • You’ll receive check-ins every so often.
  • Support is at the tip of your fingers- give your alumni coordinator a call!
  • Our group setting offers fellowship and accountability.

Meet Our Alumni Coordinator

My name is Kaylee, I am the Alumni Coordinator for Ivory Plains Recovery. My favorite quote is, “Growth is not linear” because it fits well with all that I do in my career and personal life. 

I started in February 2024 to launch the Alumni program.  I have worked in mental health for many years, and I am proud to offer a safe place for people to focus on their personal growth.  My favorite part of this role is reaching out to alumni to hear how they are doing. 

I love being able to see people work to achieve their goals and change their lives.  When I am not working, I am very close with my siblings and family. I come from a very loud and big family, but we all try to prioritize each other. I am happy to be here and help you with your recovery in any way I can!

Kaylee-Ivory Plains Alumni Coordinator
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